New Orleans Shoulder Injuries

Orthopaedic Surgery in New Orleans

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, nearly 7.5 million people visited their doctor’s office for shoulder issues in 2006, and more than 4.1 million of said people were suffering from rotator cuff problems. Those who partake in athletic activities that involve excessive, repetitive, overhead motions, such as swimming, tennis, weightlifting, and pitching are more susceptible to shoulder injuries. However, shoulder injuries can also occur during everyday activities, such as gardening, hanging curtains, or any other movement that involves stretching or reaching above a person’s head. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder that is not subsiding after a few days or weeks, you may wish to see a New Orleans orthopaedic surgeon at Michael W. Hartman, MD.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Most shoulder problems involve muscles, ligaments, and tendons that surround the shoulder. If an athlete is experiencing shoulder pain and has not experienced any extreme amount of force in the shoulder region may still have a shoulder injury that was caused by repetitive, intensive training routines. If a person is aware of shoulder pain and ignores it for a period of time, their condition can worsen and cause more problems. When a patient seeks Dr. Hartman’s assistance, he can determine if their shoulder is suffering from instability or impingement. Instability is when a shoulder joint has been moved or forced out of its normal position. People who experience instability will feel pain when they raise their arm. Impingement is when shoulder muscles rub the top part of the shoulder blade, or acromion. An individual may experience impingement when they excessively lift their arms over their head. The rotator cuff in a person’s shoulder is extremely important and when it suffers any type of damage, an individual may not recover full shoulder function.

Resolve Your Shoulder Problem as Soon as Possible

If your shoulder feels stiff, or if you cannot rotate your arm in all normal positions, please seek Dr. Hartman’s assistance by calling Michael W. Hartman, MD at (504) 412-1705. He can assist patients who are suffering from any type of shoulder, hip, knee, or joint injury, and can create a treatment plan that cannot only improve a patient’s condition, but make their muscles stronger than they originally were. Serious shoulder injuries can often be prevented if a person visits their doctor as soon as the pain begins. Certain exercises can strengthen a person’s shoulder and prevent further injury, such as:

  • Wall push-ups
  • Shoulder-press ups
  • Basic shoulder strengthening

Depending on a person’s shoulder injury, anti-inflammatories may also need to be prescribed to reduce swelling and pain. Please contact Dr. Hartman’s office today at to schedule an appointment or to learn more about his specialty areas relating to sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery.

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